The remapping of the ECU is a reprogramming of the ECU of the car, which we perform with the aim of improving the efficiency of the engine and allowing you to develop more power.

The optimization of the torque curve, more intense and pleasant, also helps to reduce fuel consumption in the mixed cycle. On turbo diesel engines in particular, we can obtain an increase in the torque curve even with a significant fuel saving that can be evaluated on average in about 10-15% (with the same performance).

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    The bench test (or "dyno") allows the real measurement of the power delivered by the motor. The more the bench is precise, the result will be so reliable. For this, our Soft-Engine bench presents the mono roller solution, one in which the car's wheel rests on the top of the roller and not in the center of the rollers. This solution is more technical and efficient than the traditional system, the specific tire pressure is reduced and allows long and reliable tests.

    It is also equipped with the SYNCRO system, a system to synchronize the speed of the rollers of the front module with that of the rollers of the rear module. In this way it is possible to perform bench tests in any condition despite the presence, in the latest generation vehicles, of advanced "Traction control" systems.

    Finally, thanks to the two electromagnetic brake modules it allows precise braking tests and with simulation of the road and of the aerodynamic coefficient at high speeds.

    It is currently the most advanced car test bench on the market and complies with the latest regulations.

    The test room we have set up is soundproofed and monitored by the automatic weather station, thanks to which it is possible to constantly monitor temperature, atmospheric pressure and % humidity.